Women’s March on Washington officially has a permit for Jan. 21


“D.C. police confirmed Thursday morning that they have issued a permit for the Women’s March on Washington to gather for what is expected to be the largest demonstration around the inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump.

The Women’s March on Washington, which is scheduled for the day after the Jan. 20 inauguration, plans to start its rally at Independence Avenue and Third Street SW, in front of the Capitol. From there, demonstrators will march west along Independence, although organizers said that they have yet to determine an official route.

The permit, according to D.C. police, says the rally will disperse at the southern part of the Ellipse near the White House, at Constitution Avenue between 15th and 17th streets NW. The Women’s March on Washington’s permit application estimated about 200,000 participants.”

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Texas Gears Up for Women’s March on Washington and Austin, TX


Melissa Fiero, Texas State & Austin March Coordinator:

“On Nov. 9, 2016, Americans woke up to a toxic new reality that threatens the civil liberties of many communities across our great nation. With this, an organic movement began, and a collective voice is rising up clearly stating that we aren’t willing to undo the valuable progress we’ve made as a nation. This march is not a protest of any one party or person, but rather a movement for unity, diversity and social justice.”

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Women’s Rights Are Human Rights

Statement of NOW President Terry O’Neill endorsing the Women’s March on Washington

“The National Organization for Women proudly endorses the Women’s March on Washington. On January 21, 2017, we will join with activists from across the country in a historic and necessary affirmation that women’s rights are human rights. There is no better place for us to deliver this message than Washington, D.C. on the first day of the new administration.

Dedicated to intersectional grassroots organizing to lead societal change, NOW stands in unwavering solidarity with our sisters whose communities have been insulted, demonized and threatened in recent months, including communities of color, LGBTQIA people, those with diverse religious faiths particularly Muslims, people with disabilities, economically impoverished people, survivors of sexual assault, and those who seek–and the caring professionals who provide–safe, affordable abortion care and birth control.”


“NOW’s activists and leaders will be on the front lines with our sisters in the struggle, supporting their leadership We will not trade away the rights of one group of women for the advancement of another. We unite with all women who seek freedom and self-determination, and join hands with all of the great movements seeking equity, parity, empowerment, and justice. We will not submit, nor will we be intimidated. But we will keep moving forward.

Our task ahead will be difficult and often painful. But the Women’s March will set the tone for a new upwelling of grassroots activism, advocacy, and resistance. Women will never go back. Together, we will fight back!”

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Hawaii Grandma’s Plea Launches Women’s March in Washington

How it all began…

“Hawaii grandmother Teresa Shook wanted to share her outrage with other women the night after Donald Trump was elected president, but she had few options in her remote island community. So she went on Facebook and in a popular political group wrote the first thing that came to mind: I think we should march.

Four weeks later, organizers credit Shook’s quiet plea with igniting what could be the largest demonstration in the nation’s capital related to a presidential election.

More than 125,000 people from across the country have signed up to march in Washington on Jan. 21, the day after Trump’s inauguration in support of women’s rights. Sister protests are planned in London and Frankfurt and online interest has grown to hundreds of thousands.”

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